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The Garden of Flowing Fragrance 流芳園

The Garden of Flowing Fragrance (Liu Fang Yuan)

(Liu = Flowing, Fang = Fragrance, Yuan = Garden)

The 12-acre Garden of Flowing Fragrance, was open to the public on February 2008. The idea of creating this garden originated with Jim Folsom. Plans to begin building this garden started in 1999 when Los Angeles businessman Peter Paanakker donated $10 million to The Huntington.

The Huntington's Chinese Garden is based on a famous southern Chinese style garden outside the city of Suzhou.

A scholar garden has five elements: rocks, water, plants, structures, and links to Chinese literature and culture using calligraphy, poetry, and historical stories.

The Garden of Flowing Fragrance includes a lake, seven pavilions and five stone bridges, built by more than 60 Suzhou artisans from materials sourced, fabricated, and shipped from China.

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