500: Introduction to Garden Sculpture at The Huntington

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  • 500: Introduction to Outdoor Sculpture at The Huntington

Stop 500: Introduction to Garden Sculpture

In 1910, Henry E. Huntington began acquiring a large collection of outdoor sculptures, personally deciding on the exact location for each piece of garden statuary. Some of the statues were moved up to three times before Huntington was satisfied with their placement. Love is a common theme among the garden sculpture, most of which dates from the late 17th and early 18th centuries, although some are the works of 20th-century American artists such as Anna Hyatt Huntington, the wife of Archer Huntington, Arabella’s only child by her first marriage. Visitors today can see an array of statuary in different media and from various cultural traditions across Europe and beyond.

During your visit, be sure to look for the headphone symbol on some objects. That indicates there is audio content available.